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Update: May 31, 2012

 GSE-626A DerbyQ_01_m.gif   155-FruitMaster_s_english.gif  156-Heroes_s.gif  152-KingPond_s.gif

       Derby Q (Horse Race)                                          Fruit Master                                     Heroes                                           King Pond            

Gauss Gambling Game Video Show Video Show: GSE- Series Movie (YouTube)

Download Program List: GSE-626A-Game-List-English_All_2012-03-04.pdf

 GSE-626AN LCD Bonus Linking System   GSE-626AN LCD Bonus Linking System  GP-TD-1-2Games.jpg

GSE-626AN LCD Bonus Linking System

GSE-626A VGA Touch-screen Gambling Multigame (Embedded System Framework PCB)

Luck7    GSE-626A Multigame Mode 1   GSE-626A Multigame Halloween-pictures      TheOlympicGame_S.gif

                Lucky 7 (5-reel 25-line)                          3 in 1 Multigame                  Halloween  Multigame                          The Olympic Game            

Google Multigame (MG) Series

Internet Search + 8 Amusement Games + 1~4 Gambling = GSE-626A Multigame

Gauss Gambling Game Video Show Video Show: GSE- Series Movie (YouTube)

Download Program List: GSE-626A-Game-List-English_All_2012-03-04.pdf       Download Features: ALL GSE-626A-Features-English.rar (22MB)

GSE- Series VGA Touch-screen PCB Multigame (Gambling or Amusement Only)

GSE-626A-Machine.jpg    Metal_Cabinet_6Botton_Lucky7-200x200.jpg   GSE-628-4_in_1 

      GSE-629 Mini Touch/Button Cabinet            Mini Touch/Button Cabinet                    GSE-628 4in1 Amusement                                    GSE-626A CutiePie                    

GSE-626A  VGA Touch-screen 7in1 Multigame (MG) Series Features:  

GSE-626A PCB      MGTaiwanSoccer    Lady-Poker_KungFu_s.gif

 GSE-626A PCB                           GSE-623 & 626A Style                     MG Taiwan Soccer                       Lady Kung-fu Poker

MGDarkHorse    MGTaiwanHorse    MGFruitKing    DinosaurParkBP_D_02s.jpg

MG Dark Horse II                            MG Taiwan Horse                           MG Fruit King                          Dinosaur Park

MGJungleCubs     MGJungleFamily   MGSeaWord    WorldCup_BP_F_sC.gif

 MG Jungle cubs                                MG Jungle Family                            MG Sea World                            World Cup Soccer

MGTotemistic     MG X10 TenChance    TaiwanPokerV202    MGHappyPoker_s.gif

            MG Totemistic                                 MG 10 Chance                      MG Taiwan Poker V202                MG Happy Poker

MGTotemistic     MGTotemistic    StarTrek.gif    GSE-626A PCB Kungfu Soccer

            MG Pirate (15-reel 25-line)       MG Egypt (15-reel 9-line)            MG Star Trek (5-reel 9-line)        MG Kungfu Soccer (5-reel 25-line)

           WinRaR tool download:

PDF reader download:

GSE-626 VGA Touch-screen PCB Single Game (Embedded System Framework PCB)

Luck7    WorldCup_BP_F_sC.gif    TaiwanSoccer   TheOlympicGame_S.gif

 Lucky 7 (5-reel 25-line)                       World Cup Soccer                                 Taiwan Soccer                       The Olympic Game     

Dark Horse     Taiwan Horse     Jockey Club 5

Dark Horse II                                                 Taiwan Horse                                                     Jockey Club 5


DinosaurParkBP_D_02s.jpg    Jungle cubs     Jungle Family   Sea World

Dinosaur Park                                Jungle cubs                                    Jungle Family                                 Sea World

Totemistic     X 10 Chance    Taiwan Black Jack BJ-21    Happy-21.JPG

     Totemistic                                        10 Chance                             Taiwan Black Jack BJ-21                    Happy Black Jack

Happy_poker_s.gif    TaiwanPoker1    Fruit King   

    Happy Poker                                Taiwan Poker                                       Fruit King                                Roulette C12 II

 MGTotemistic     MGTotemistic    StarTrek.gif    GSE-626A PCB Kungfu Soccer

        Pirate (15-reel 25-line)              Egypt (15-reel 9-line)            Star Trek (5-reel 9-line)        Kungfu Soccer (5-reel 25-line)

WinRaR tool download:

PDF reader download:

GSE-623 VGA Touch-screen 30Amusement+8Gambling Multigame  (PC Base) 


GSE-623 Complete Kit              GSE-623 Cabinet Style       GSE-623 CF-card Complete Kit            GSE-623 Special  Kit


Black Jack                                               Roulette                           Wizard Card                                  Space Navigation


Color Ball                                      Fruit Bar                                      Happy Farm                                         Hot Reels 

WinRaR tool download:

PDF reader download:

Super King Derby (Real 8-horse GSE-598) VGA game (PC Base)

SuperKingDerby-Screen-S.jpg    GSE-598_SuperKingDerby_Complete_Kit-S.jpg    SuperKingDerby-Single.jpg    SuperKingDerby-server&client.jpg
Download Video Mpg: Super King Derby Demo Movie (Local)     Movie:   GSE-598 Real 8-horse Racing Video Demo (Youtube)

GSE-596 series (PCI interface card)

Win95/ 98 /98SE  (PC Base)

The minimum amount for the wholesale price is 10pcs

(El importe mínimo para el precio al por mayor es 10pcs)

GSE-596-LAN-Game-System-English-S.JPG    PC Interface Card (Internet Cafe)    TCP/IP Internet-cafe' Network Management System for PC Interface Card of Arcade Games

TCP/IP Internet-cafe' Network Management System for PC Interface Card of Arcade Games

PC-Interface-Card-of-Arcade-Games.jpg     2002-IC-Card_Reader.jpg     World cup football     Casino-Snowbao-Free.EXE     Devil-Island    
The difference between free game and the game with interface card is the probability of prize.
The prize rate of free game is higher.

BlueShark.jpg     Casino-MADZOOSF-DOG-Free.EXE     MadzoosBB     Gauss-Cherry-Master-LC88-Free     Cherry-Master-Over-sea

Cherry Master99     lc88-a0     lc88-a1.jpg     Super5     Super6

Casino-LEADER-BLUESHARK-Free.EXE     bomber-man.jpg      shanghai.jpg     Lucky 7 Star     Lucky8

Joker-wild-A-Japan.jpg     Joker-wild-B-Taiwan.jpg     Poker15     Chinese Mahjong     Peach
super9ways.jpg     super-9-ways-B.jpg     special-9-ways.jpg     kingderby     krace.jpg
CrzBonus.jpg     Super8-A.jpg     double-lamp-mario-s.jpg     Little-Mario.jpg     Loto-Bingo-logo.jpg

    Gauss Enterprise (Gauss Hi-Tech Company) was founded in 1982 at the name of Gauss Automation Industrial Co., Ltd. and was located in Taichung City, Taiwan, R.O.C. 

In 1991, we changed the company name into "Gauss Enterprise" as individual proprietorship and devote ourselves to the automation equipment and game program research and development since then.   

We manufacture a variety of high quality games as well as supplying consultation, developing platform and supplying accessories for the games. 

Our hot sale items presently are CGA/VGA Touch Games, Interface Card of Arcade games for PC and Multi-games. Arcade games for kids are also available. 

Since we have excellent engineers and service team, we also offer OEM/ODM gaming service to meet your special requirements.

Please feel free to browse our website or contact us for detail information of our products and services. 


PC-Interface-Card-of-Arcade-Games-Video.jpg        GSE-598_SuperKingDerby_Complete_Kit.jpg        TCP/IP Internet-cafe' Network Management System for PC Interface Card of Arcade Games

           GSE-596 Cherry Master Setup Video Show                        GSE-598 2-Player Complete Kit                    GSE-596 LAN-Game System Management

To run PC-GAME, please install Direx7.0a (English or Chinese Version) and reboot system.

Please install DirectX 7 first

Local Microsoft W95/W98 3D DirectX7.0 English(8MB)
Microsoft W95/W98 3D DirectX7.0 Chinese(8MB)

WinRaR tool download:

PDF reader download:

*System requirement: (GSE-596 PC Interface Card)
1.O.S.: Microsoft Windows 95,98 (Install DirectX7a or above).
2.CPU: Pentium MMX/AMD K6 233MHz or above.
3.RAM: 64M or above.
4.Hard disk space: 15MB
5.Motherboard: 1 slot or more ISA bus (Don't use 3 in 1
    or 4 in 1 mother board because some of the compatibility
    of the computer mother board is not good enough.)
6.Sound card: PCI DirectSound with accelerative function.
7.VGA card:
    AGP: TNT II-32MB (Don't use SiS6326)
     PCI: S3 with 3D accelerative function.
8.Limitation: Win 2000 and Windows NT can't work very well.

Note: About Computer, Please remember: Don't use 3 in 1
          or 4 in 1 mother board because some of the compatibility
          of the computer mother board is not good enough
          (Using independent VGA and Sound card can get the best match).
          When the sound and the graphics show at the same time,
          the I/O will conflict. Sometimes it is because the driver of
          sound card is not good enough (WIN98SE), it occupied too
          much I/O. Please update the driver of the sound card at
          this time and use sole driver for WIN98SE.

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